oh yeah!?!

valerie just updated her livejournal. i originally spelled it “live journal” but since she’s looking over my shoulder, i now have it right.

now i’m being gay. since i can’t watch or help while she updates her site. she says she wishes i wore underware because she says when her friend tiffany pisses her off, she grabs a handful of her underware and crams it up her ass.

that is hot, right?

it’s not cute when a bully in highschool is wedging some little kids but when 2 pierced girls are doing it to each other, it’s then a whole new photoshoot.

ugh i can’t even remember why i opened this window.

now she’s looking over my shoulder again.

no i remember now, it’s to tell the world how much i love valerie :).


thats it.

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