definetely the crackhore moment of the day

sitting here drinking my afternoon alcoholic beverage and steve begs me to drive him to work. fine.

on the way back, i’m enjoying the day. It’s sunny, birds are chirping, it’s not bitter cold and not terribly hot yet. All the windows are rolled down. Listening to Sublime’s Stand By Your Van, a great album. Anyway, im at a stop sign, SCREAMING along to one of my favorite Sublime songs, Date Rape. I’m I’m talking screaming too. Banging fists on steering wheel, really really enjoying myself.

Now you have to understand my mind set of late. I care about absolutely nothing anymore. Apathy has completely enveloped my life and given me the warm sweater of oblivious. Singing along in traffic, embarassing roommates at convenience stores, this site is full of examples.

ANYWAY, i look over to the car next to me is one of my clients of 4 years, a realtor who works downtown. He’s laughing. Hard.

Embarassment is my anti drug.

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