—-Bitch about lack of sleep
you should not see 5:55am on the clock before going to sleep. not healthy. first alarm went off at 10, next at 11, next at noon. i need to get something more to work on so i have a reason to stay up this late.

i’m so glad im not a pilot or else i’d be in jail for drinking on the job. if i had a job. i really wonder if they were functioning alcoholic pilots, that had no problem drinking 3-4 whiskey and cokes before getting behind the “wheel” and driving 90-100 of his “friends” home from the “bar”. Wheel being the plane, friends being my drunk ass, and bar i mean airport. I guess the argument against him is “oo he was drunk, even if he drinks everyday and flys, what if he comes in too drunk and fucks up”. Thats all well and good but sober people make mistakes too.

I need to write them some fan mail.

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