Mongo For Senate

I met a hero of mine today. Someone who touched my life at a very early age with his bars and clubs.


I went out to eat with my parent’s for my mom’s birthday at Pete & Sam’s, a great Italian resturant.

When we are leaving we notice a truck covered in PRINCE MONGO FOR SENATE stickers on it.

On his way out, he slows down almost to a complete stop because my car, my parent’s car and some random truck are making exit a little slow. He pulls up right next to my car, where i’m digging through my truck for my mom’s birthday present.

I hand her present and reach back into the trunk and grab a crackhore koozie and hand it to Prince Mongo who is parked right next to me.

He reaches into the back of his truck and hands me a bunch of Prince Mongo For Senate stickers.

You have my vote, Prince Mongo.

I wish i had been quick enough to hand you a shirt along with the koozie but i’m sure our paths will cross again.

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