you know it’s hard out there for the wes

when you’re trying to get the money for the Bush.

i miss you already, wes.

im glad i helped wes with a great project today. the pope who said “hey paint this chapel really crazy” is wes. i did a wonderful photoshop job for wes that made me feel useful for the first time on tuesday.

sorry i was so fucked up. 🙂 it’s still a work of art, you have to call me the second you know if it “works” or not.

it’s weird how certain people play off each other and then when you add the 3rd,4th and 5th factor it just gets super crazy. think warcraft and how blues drops. they comes often and it’s great.

ugh how do u recover from a warcraft joke……….


our wes leaves us thursday for grenada, not MS, the island. i’ve added him to the index to hopefully encourage him to write a accurate description of what it’s like.

i gave him a a dozen or so of koozies tonight, so if i don’t see a single Grenada “naked girls with your koozie” pic, im going to be disappointed, wes.

okay wes, i’ve emailed you the info to update your blog, i have your phone number to call if you don’t update 3-4 days.

have fun, see u in 4 months.

for the win

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