sam’s cockroach wtf story

i like updates about roaches. no one likes roaches, except creepy roach liking people. i think thats why i really like any stories that have to do with them.

my friend sam told me this story last week when he did this. it has nothing to do with me but i havn’t had a very intresting day so sam’s story will have to tide you over until i do something funny.

a little preface for people who don’t know who sam is.

i used to hangout with sam after highschool and met a lot of his weird twisted friends. now this very early toad, like thoughts, opinons, sense of humor, all still developing. and im hanging out with this weirdo. i am forever twisted from this. it keeps going with stories like this and fucked up links he sends me on aim.


sam works at a office. i can’t describe it because ive never seen it but just picture a normal office with normal people. sam goes to the bathroom, which he probably does quite a bit. while in the bathroom he sees a huge roach walking across the bathroom floor.

sam picks up the roach and sets it on top of the urinal, so anyone who goes in there and pees has to stare at it. just imagine it, you’ve drank a bunch a coffee and really gotta pee but you look over and there is some elite cockroach, still alive, but on it’s back, little legs twitching, trying it’s best to get right side up.

so all day people have gone in, saw this and asked sam if he did he it. he’s sitting there listening to god knows what, on repeat, just to annoy people.

i think what i like about this story is it’s a good example of people just recognizing sam’s work. like “we know you did this cuz no one else would and we know the cockroach didn’t just fall down like that”.

so fucked up. fucking weirdo.

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