new orleans hores: reach out, lol like you are checking this site

if everyone i know down south of me isn’t dead, online and needs a place to crash.

i got 2 couches and wireless for anyone who wants it.

aim: scoutmastertoad

msg or email and you have a place to crash if you can remind me how i know you.

swede and i were talking about jesus has been kinda slacking lately. we were really expecting him to do some crazy leet miracles in iraq but i keep seeing christians die. we are getting pwned by allah, lets see some laser guided leetness to take out the “terror” and maybe not destroy our oil port.

i mean new orleans deserved it. but what the fuck, not now.

we pray a lot. americans love their religion. we are praying to every aspect of you. why did you decide to destroy new orleans? you know they will just rebuild it! they do everytime. you did pretty well this time, you scored big. problem is they will pump out that evil city and 5 years from now, you’ll look down, and have to start flapping butterfly wings to try again.

just when you thought this had spiraled out.

i want to say something about looting.

some of you might be confused about looting. i’m going to explain it to you, just please follow these 3 easy steps:

1) will the small business/corporate empire get paid if i steal this?

2) will i get shot in the head if i pick this up?

3) fuck it, everything is screwed, im taking these ipods and you can’t stop me, we’re crazy!


fucking take it. they can’t stop you. grab shit that is sealed. it will last. don’t waste your time on shit that won’t work.


lets just cut it here, we got 50% “lets help new orleans” and 50% “steal steal steal”.

anyway, think about this way. dying in a hurricane/tornado/etc is better then dying of cancer in a bed.

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