Went for a run in the park today around 6pm with Marla. Put on Rage Against The Machine’s first album, good angry running music. anyway

I always take Marla off her lease when running since she’s on her honor not to talk to other dogs and always behaves. The problem is she doesn’t know how to pace herself so by the 2nd lap she’s sandbagging behind me, sometimes 15-20 feet.

Somewhere on the second lap she was really far behind me, a good 30 feet. I pass a middle aged gentleman with headphones on, we both do the, eye contact, nod, keep running. I get another 20 feet and notice my dog is no where to be see. I give a throaty “HEY! GET OVER HERE!!!”. The guy i just pulls his ear plugs out and starts to give me a “WTF?!” look when he sees marla barreling up the path after me. It was great watching the look of confusion and wtfness to “oh lol” in the span a second.

Got me thinking, what would i do if someone just called me out while running. Like “hey, you, yeah you, with the crackhore shirt, get over here!”. Would i run? Would i walk casually up to them to ask them sup?

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