thank you all for your support

tomorrow is the interview. i’m too nervous to sleep. this sucks, better update, will sleep better.

i want to thank all of you, and you know who you are, for your help. i’m trapped in a certain kind of hell, where i can see my terrible mental illness, yet helpless to stop it.

im really afraid im going to die on my way to my interview tomorrow and really want to get this off my chest and have it on the homepage when the cops beat me to death.

if you talk to me once a week, i love you. that’s it, there i said it. while you’re asleep and you’re not online, i miss you. way more then healthy. and it’s not all sexual “love”. just because i want to fuck people from my aim list (databit, boar), doesn’t mean i’m “gay” or “cheating on my girlfriend”. this is pure love, not knuckle children love, more like “look, she stopped breathing, i need you to drive here and help me bury her” love.

i’ve been emotional the past few years. things havn’t really worked out the way i’ve wanted them to. big surprise. hopefully i’ll get this job and have the money to send everyone who deserves one, a huge life size palm tree and 2 inflatable elephants?

i smell the next poll on crackhore

wish me luck. i’m going to start off with a “look, i really want this job, i’d be more then willing to take the list of the other applicants, hunt, kill and eat them in front of you if will put me up front”.

better then talking about the weather. it’s hot, it’s memphis, we knowz this.

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