probably gonna leave this one alone

I’ve been hunting quite a bit lately…i’m very adept at finding out a lot of information about a chick with just a keyboard and mouse…i found one girl on hotornot, then found her again on myspace when i saw this in her profile. From time time to time i post my little finds…i’m not sure if i should even post a link to her myspace or hotornot page…or aim name…it would be kinda funny to unleash crackhore on this poor girl. Welp ijust enabled myself.

I honestly think that about me bio “paragraph” is one of the greatest things i’ve seen on the internet. I want to hang it on the fridge as a testament to what the world has become.

Dear n00bz, – child of the myspace generation
if I could i’d blow the world up. -then where would you live, huh? think about that
Number one, I really love my boyfriend. -i’m sure he’s swell
My town sucks so badly.  -i’m sure it does, you’re so much better then all of them
I have a bestfriend named Paul Morales. -okay back to the boyfriend again
DON’T PRETEND TO BE SOMETHING YOUR NOT. -what if you don’t know what you are…
I’m deffinatly not perfect. -yah we were picking up on that
I do smoke and drink. -congrats
Serial killers, torturers, anti-christs are my life. -there is only one antichrist, not several
Music keeps me alive. -everyone likes music the same, no one likes it more then anyone else
Art school occupies most of my time. -fucking hate rich kids
Meat is murder! -and murder tastes great
I do whatever I can for animals, -anything? 😀
I go to protests against places of animal cruelty. -get a job
I can’t stand people who try to be me.  -people try to be you…i want references
I know how to have a goooood time. -yes
My friends are pretty chill.  -bet they are great
DON’T BE ALL CLINGY AND OBSESSIVE. -that won’t be tough
If I wake up before noon i’m a zombie. -i fucking hate art school students
I’m trying my hardest not to fuck up this year, -i hope you fail and die
but who knows how that’s gonna turn out. -bad
I don’t like stalkers, die. –
Shutup cunt i’ll cut your tongue, -………
back down bitch your fucking done. -yup only one line left
Weeee life is fun ^_^-i wonder how long it took her to write this

Her aim name is M3lissaIns0mniac

I’ll probably have her phone number in a few more google searches.

I figure as soon as i submit, everyone will slowly start msging her and saying shit. But i say let’s do this a little differently.  If you msg her, please update your site with what you find out about her. I’m totally fascinated with her, like watching a train wreck in super slow motion. Box cars just spilling out everywhere.

linux fail

MrTekno: ok this linux mp3 player is shite
ScoutMassaToad: will be nice to have them all stored
ScoutMassaToad: hahahaha
ScoutMassaToad: fail?
MrTekno: i just clicked on that directory of mp3s
MrTekno: and it loaded up a player for every single song
MrTekno: and played all of them at once
ScoutMassaToad: hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha
ScoutMassaToad: asldkjfalsdkjfalskdjflaskd
MrTekno: fuck

toads in the web sites we are

One website occured to me
Whats real, and whats for sale?
Blew a kiss and tried to take it /home/

It isnt you, isnt me
Search for domainss that you cant register
Going blind, out of reach
Somewhere in the jagermeister

Two times and it has rendered me
Punch drunk and without girls
Think Id be safer all alone
Sitess in the directnic we are
Sometimes it blows my mind
Keep getting stuck here all the time

Youll see the whois and youll see the lookup
Youll eat the hours, and you will.

It isnt you, isnt me
Search for things that you cant see
Losing hours, out of reach
Somewhere in the whois


got back to the apartment today….had power and internet…the nightmare is over…was only on the road since saturday but seems like a month…going to sleep so well tonight…

i wrote in my laptop quite a bit while in exile and instead of just pasting it on crackhore im going to get it really cheaply published…

now it’s time to get back to what life is really about…drinking and partying at my apartment in front of my computers, the way god intended…except there are 2 more storms on their way…i figure if i can get through 3 of them in one season i have advanced to level 2 in gypsie web designer skills.

marla was so well behaved everywhere we stayed. very proud of her…she really doesn’t have much of a idea of what the situation is but that’s irrelevant.

glad to be home