A new beginning

So I decided to make all of the previous posts private. I have given my employees the order that they will all be made public when I die but for now, I think it’s time for a fresh start.

I’m going to start writing on this web site daily again. I don’t really have any visitors anymore which is fine since this will be more like a public diary then anything.

Anyway, life has been kinda hectic but I think I’ve turned the corner in a sense. I’m starting to think that maybe my problem is that I’m trying to have relationships with women that should have only been a one night stand at best. I think I was maybe trying to fill a void or something? I dunno, doesn’t really matter.

Today at Rotary I was talking with a woman who used to be a match maker and she told me I need to make a list of all the attributes of the perfect partner.

Shit, that might make a good crackhore post right there.

Anyway, so a few months ago I was at Lakeview harbor and one of the bartenders told me they were going to start doing karaoke.

I show up the first night and I open up the night. I forget what I sang, doesn’t matter. After I finish the song, Darryl the guy that runs karaoke says “okay want to keep going?” and I’m there jumping up and down in the camo pants and black boots with the spiked metal bracelet like fuck yeah, lets keep going.

I ended up singing for like 4 fucking hours, it was great. Muscles sore from dancing the next day, fucking awesome.

It gets better. So on Monday’s I often go to Melius’s around the corner from my condo. They have $1.50 martinis on Mondays and it’s kind of a easy way to reset my sleep schedule getting a few of those in me.

Anyway, I’m talking to the manager about how excited I am that the harbor now has karaoke and she says they were looking for a new karaoke person. I connect them with Darryl and now they are doing karaoke every Friday. The harbor is only doing karaoke every other Wednesday which is good because I honestly don’t know if my body can handle singing twice a week every week.

Ugh if I really wanted to push my limits, I could sing at the harbor one Wednesday, then go to the basin on Thursday and sing there, then Melius’s on Friday then go downtown to Kajuns and sing on Saturday then check into rehab on Sunday.

Good times. The thing I love about this karaoke experiences is that Darryl’s karaoke setup is easily the best I’ve ever experienced. The speakers are top notch but what’s great is his catalog. You can a QR code and it takes you to his web site where you just search and it just automatically adds it to his queue. Typically karaoke is mostly older songs but Darryl’s system has lots of modern stuff like new NIN, etc, been having a blast.

The funny thing is that singing this much, I’ve actually noticed I’m getting better. Some of the people that are regulars have even said that I’m improving which is nice getting good feedback. I’ve also been hitting the yoga mat for a hour every morning, back up to 300 pushups again. Next goal I guess is 500?

I’ve been rubber banding on my alcoholism…I was trying to cut back to just beer but the insomnia that comes with that has actually been more detrimental then hangovers. I was basically sleeping 2 hours a night for 2 days then finally crashing the 3rd night, it’s just not healthy. I’m honestly thinking about just saying no more beer at home, just whiskey after dinner to sleep.

I think the problem is just trying to lay down and fall asleep laying there thinking about all the problems in my life. The goddamn audi, the multiple failed relationships over the last 2 years, the fact that I feel like I should be way farther ahead in life than I am. I know lots of people probably feel that way but it’s like telling someone don’t be depressed because it could be worse. Of course it could be worse, hell, it will get worse. It’s horrible to type that out but it’s almost guaranteed to get worse.

Oh well, leaving office, sandwich for dinner and then off to go sing. I’m going to try to do some Rush tonight, that might be both hilarious and fun.