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After a intresting 3 day drive across the country, i am now a Californian. Sure, i don’t have a apartment, house or any other form of residence but tonight i have plans to purchase a Palm Pilot and find a cardboard box to live in. Luckily, until this cardboard box is found, which will be called the HoreBoxâ„¢ the owner of has allowed me to take residence up on his couch. We watched porn last night together which was really strange, am i the only one who feels weird watching porn with another guy? I always thought porn was a “one guy only” thing but not everyone feels that way. Oh well.

Many of you are requesting a editorial or project after my roadtrip out here. I’ll put it to you this way, my life is very very intresting and strange and this trip was basically one of the strangest occasions of my life. I can’t decide if i want to tell all my viewers or not because i know family members read this site and im not sure if i want them knowing about this particuliar adventure because well, this one was strange. My sidekick Ian came up with the idea to write out the project, with the photos i took and make a secret link and have people msg me for the link, therefore bypasses and family toad members viewing my version of Fear And Loathing.

I was getting really good at putting a picture up with each update but considering Hore3 is unplugged and is basically a cupholder until i find a new apartment worth being the new Crackcaveâ„¢, i won’t have any pictures up soon and not as many updates. Alot of you are having trouble understanding this. The way the internet works is you need a computer to update your site. One time at a bar i wrote a update on a napkin, including html tags and CSS and threw it up in the air thinking that it would be up on the page that instant. It didn’t. In fact i got yelled at.

I have a bunch of really good ideas for editorials and im keeping a nice list of them so they will eventually be created but im running into that problem again where i need a computer to write them so give me a few weeks. These are dark days of the so just chill out, read some old editorials and maybe go for a walk outside or something.

mp3 of the day: Baja Men – Who Let The Dogs Out.mp3

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