Visiting Saeda

A little background first. Saeda is a lovely friend of mine I met via the Internet. I decided one weekend that I did not want to spend another weekend walking through fields at 3am drunk while mumbling about aliens, so i talked Saeda into letting me visit her. Here are the pictures along with captions. Sorry about the load time, big images.

Day 1
Here is a picture of the traffic about 5 minutes from my house. I learned a very valuable lesson then. When you see a big flashing sign that says BRIDGE OUT! PREPARE TO STOP!, get comfortable, cuz your gonna be there a while. I listened to a entire cd while waiting for them to replace a bridge. At this one point i actually got out of my car, took a picture of this traffic because it owned me so hardcore.

After the cool traffic i settled in for the 8 hour trip deep into the heart of Alabama. Well not that deep, but it was pretty deep. My music didn't change much from its usual roadtrip music. I started out with one of Reel Big Fish's cds, i think it was the second one but i can't be sure. Then i decided i was getting a little too happy for my own good so listened to all three Tool albums in order, Rusty Nails II, a NIN bootleg, and then broke out Broken and Fixed. The trip was uneventful, since most of it was through the beautful landscape of Mississippi . Picture below, check out those great trees.

Then i started to run out of gas. Crap. The gas stations in Mississippi conjour up memories from Deliverance and i could have swore i heard banjos playing when i stepped out of the Horemobile. Luckily there is a little trick i use on roadtrips which seemed to have worked pretty well this time. If you dress like a native, they give you more respect, they give you better directions. For example, i wore a gas station attendent shirt and a Service Transport jacket which i bought for $3 at the Salvation Army. See, if you walk up into a gas station wearing a Boy George t-shirt you'll end up getting directions that lead into a empty field with a bunch of pickup trucks in a semi circle and guys with torches in hoods shouting obscentites at you. Trust me.

Since i was using directions which are about as reliable as's uptime, i made several stops to ask the locals if i was on the right track. This one time i pulled over and saw this.

I assumed it was a alien landing zone. It had to be.

Well anyway, the rest of the trip was uneventful and i got to Mobile, or so i had thought. I pulled into a BP, paged Saeda's friend and waited for them to call. They call me back, the conversation went like this.
someone paged “pagernumber”?? Yeah, this Saeda's friend, Toad? Oh, umm what do most people call you? Toad. Oh okay, where are you? A BP across from a Wafflehouse. Okay, we'll be there in a 15 minutes, we were showering together. *****Silence******
Well anyway, i sit outside this BP for about a hour, a dirty kinda mexican guy was waiting out there, he asked me why i took a picture of the Wafflehouse and since i didn't want to explain to him that i didn't have any friends in Memphis and that i have to drive 7 hours to meet them, i just simply responded that it was pretty. This guy kept chatting with me until his ride showed up. Thank Hore. So i sitoutside this wafflehouse for about 2 hours, page them again, they say they are coming, so i just chill. Im parked out in front of this BP and the attendents are starting to wonder. This guy is in our parking lot, he looks like a redneck but he has his door open and he is blaring NIN Fixed. I was waiting for one of them to come outside and explain to me that there were other places to hangout in Mobile besides this BP.
After a while Saeda and her friends arrive and after a fairly awkward meeting, i follow them back to their college.

We sat in Saeda's friend's dormroom for a while, decided to go eat in the cafeteria. My hunger seemed to be lacking for some reason so i only ate half a sandwhich. Of course, all of Saeda's friends make a comment about how little i eat and i felt weird. Hehe. Little did they know i was going to kill them and eat them. I mean..nevermind. We went back to the dorms and tried to decide what to do.

We hungout for a while, i of course, suggested the purcahse of alcoholic beverages. That was my 2nd lesson of the weekend, alcohol is the best path to the heart of college students. We woke up some guy who was 21, i paid for a small bottle of rum and we went back to the dorm to drink.

Do a little dance, have a little fun, get down tonight. Everyone gets pretty toasty and the digital camera becomes the center of attention. Then came the casual sex. These photos will be useful if any of these people run for political office, hehe.

Twice in one night, these kids were animals.

Here is a picture of a spilled rum and coke. I really wish i could remember why this was funny but it seemed hilarious at the time.

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