Welp, i sobered up enough to write a little update for you people that are still with me in this downward spiral of boredom and insanity. We get home from work, watch a movie, have a drink, then we just stare at the TV even after the TV is off. That goes on for about 15 minutes before one of us screams and gets up and starts pacing, then sits back down and stares some more. We only have 2 weeks left but 2 weeks is a long time. Oh well, we’re fighters, we don’t need things to keep us unbored to keep our sanity….

I’ve decided today that i am going to start a new phase in my life clothing wise. Lets take a step back for a second and examine my clothing time line. In the beginning it was Doc martins, cut off camo shorts and black t-shirts. Those were the days, Opiate in the CD player and dressed to milita standards. Then i moved on to ugly pants and ugly shirts from the 70’s. This got me through my drinking and skating stage of Memphis quite well. I loved paying $3.00 for a shirt. Now i think i’m gonna try to to find a bunch of cheap black suits. Like i wouldn’t mind paying $50 for a entire suit, that would be pretty leet. Now i’m a big advocate for spending as little money on clothes as possible but i think a wardrobe consisting of comfortable black suits with a little thin black tie would be pretty cool. It’ll be a intresting decision in my head, get rid of my own personal belief of cheap clothes for a cool new style. Hmmm..

I’d like to make a plea to Winamp for my co-workers. I listen to alot of really extremly homosexual music at work. You can scroll down to the older news for a early version of the playlist. Anyway, when you’re listening to gay music day in and day out, you start to get sick of the order they come in. Men Without Hats and then Madonna everyday gets old. Haha. So i hit shuffle. Thinking that the verb shuffle means to “make random”. It doesn’t tho, it plays the same songs over and over. So after the 3rd time it starts playing Tom Jones’s Kiss, people get pissed. Then it will behave for a few days, then it starts playing the same like 10 songs back to back.

I push you back but still you ain’t gone…..

Hrmm, well, i forgot to update with a nice cheery happy thanksgiving message yesterday. Probably not gonna keep me awake tonight. Thanksgiving for me was great, i went to my uncles, the stuntman. There we ate and drank and had a jolly thanksgiving. I’ve never heard “No, you’re gonna have 3 pieces of pie, or i’ll stab you”. God bless Italians. It was a weird feeling, having consumed so much food, then like zipping all the food you ate into a zip file, then like downloading more stuff.

Christ, where is my creativeness today…hrmm…well, oh yeah, hahaha, a few days ago i was talking to my good friend Natalie on the phone when she asked if i was making dinner. I replied, yes as i opened the can of Campbellsâ„¢ Chunky Soup with that familar open tin can sound. I dumped the contents of the can into a bowl which then really resembled dog food. Natalie thought the resemblence of feeding toad 3 cans a day and walking him would make for a intresting pet. I can see the commericals now, BUY YOUR OWN SNUGGLETOAD TODAY!

Hmm, was that last paragraph not as funny as it could have been? I feel like i wrote it wrong but when i think of when it happened it seemed so much more funny…hmm…oh yeah! My t-shirt guy mailed me wednesday, the shirts have been printed and are being delievered to my parents house. This is the schedule now, the shopping cart is done and coded, so November 15th, when i drive to Memphis to see my little sister’s ballet dance thing, i will pick up the huge box-o-shirts then. That means, i take the shirts back with me to the cardboard box i’ll be living in in New Orleans, setup the credit card processing, and bam. Still can’t give ya date yet tho, sorry.

It’s kinda funny. is the most stable thing in my life right now. Im quitting my job to move to a city full of people who drink as much as me and i’m going work on “web pages” for the “Internet”. My mental life is a cool tangle of dead animal corpses and my spiritual life is nonexistant. That leaves the life. That’s great, shirts gonna be on sale soon, people are reading it again and i’ve met alot of hot chicks who read it.

I’d like to apoligize for such a shitty update. I just don’t really too funny yet today. Im kinda hungry and it’s really cold in here which i think is messing with my concentration? Gawd, i can’t even think up a good excuse today…hmmm.

mp3 of the day:
Desperado – Intro by El Mariachi.mp3

DetctiveMills: im downloading cultures
DetctiveMills: game like aoe
SnuggleToad: hmm
SnuggleToad: cultures?
SnuggleToad: omg
SnuggleToad: hahaha
SnuggleToad: what a fucked up name
SnuggleToad: i wanna be the drug culture

I’m not addicted

After a long weekend of tylenol PM, alcohol and not having internet access, i arrived at work to find our DSL is still down. This makes 3 days of not having internet access. I look down at the little yellow aim icon and theres no little blue circle around it. Sigh. Sure do wonder whats happening on aim right now. I bet all my friends are online and laughing and singing and downloading music while im sitting in a office without internet access updating my page full knowing that i can’t upload it. Sigh.

Oh well, this Saturday i went paintballing with Us_ in Corona, California. Gawd, i forgot how much i missed running around a inclosed field shooting other people with guns. I hadn’t played in years and most of my gear is still in a huge box in a attic in Memphis and the last 6 months of drinking and drug use has left my body “not fit for running from people with guns” shape. Needless to say, Saturday my entire body hurt. I decided a mix of Tylenol PM, beer and a few other drugs that don’t need to be mentioned would heal me nicely. Five hours later im laying on my couch staring at my ceiling and talking to my ankle about how much it hurts. Damn i need to move out of LA.

It’s scary how much shit i have to do. My palmpilot, the perfect companion for someone who spends too little time sober to remember the things he has to do, has been used more regularly lately. Now that would make a intresting Visor commercial. Camera zooms in on some grungy looking guy wearing a Sublime shirt and sitting at a bus stop smoking a joint. He stares off into space for a bit, then opens his Visor and notices he has to pay one of his dealers. Smiles to himself…zooms out. Visor. Replacing brain cells one memo at a time.

It really sucks that I’m already getting that “Crap, im homeless” feeling again and this time i don’t have a steady job lined up this time. Ahh, the joys of freelance. What a great company idea tho, no office no building, no phones, just a laptop, a cellphone and Toad going to friend’s houses to download mail and upload the website he designed while laying on a park bench.

Hahaha, one last thing. I found this when i went to a friend of mine’s apartment who happens to be a director. He had this picture up on his fridge from some actor who thought this would be a good picture to send out to all of his prospects. Since i couldn’t scan it i had to just take a picture of it but you kinda still see it.