mouthwash in the bathrooms?

hrmm, went fox and hound with everyone….had 2 beers…they only charged me for one…left dude a 4 dollar tip, went to bathroom. I went to wash my hands and noticed 2 little…well i’m not sure what they are, i think they are called spigots, that dispense soap. you push them down, it shoots out soap, you own bacteria, leave. but this has for soap and one for……mouth wash? it had a little plaque and everything that said MOUTHWASH. I noticed a bunch of little cups. I am supposed to use this mouthwash to kill the familar scent of beer on my breath! Wow. Sure my beer cost me 4.75 a pint for…Coors…but goddamn, they actually care about me! They don’t want me to get pulled over and have a bad experience with Fox And Hound. Thanks!

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