i’ve come full circle…

The first step with hardware repair for toad is to boot up the laptop, msg boar, msg sektor, and begin the troubleshooting process. I rip out all the unnecessary pci cards, all those cards like the soundcard and the network card, the stuff only faggots use and try again. No power. Boar tells me it’s probably the power supply. I sigh, carry out the monitor, keyboard and all the other crap i’ve infected my dad’s office with and go back in for case.

I figure it’s best to call CompUSA before i drive my ass all the way out there to see if they have a power supply. I’m on hold when suddenly i hear this queer sound on the roof of the office. It almost sounds like rain. It is rain.

Running through the main room, out the door and into the pouring rain. All my windows are rolled down and my passenger door is open. Fist. Laughing hysterically while running through the parking lot, i cover the monitor, roll up the windows and close the door.


Drive to compusa, buy power supply. I’ve only lost 2 hours of my workday. We can still get something done. I arrive home, open up the case and put the new power supply in. Fuck, for some reason the screws arn’t lining up. I retreat to my aim windows for more hardware advice. No one has any idea why the screws wouldn’t match up. I spend another 10 minutes staring at it and playing with it before i realize, hey, the screws would line up if i flipped it over. Upside down. Fist.

I plug the computer back in, get the fire estinguisher from the kitchen, tell everyone on aim to wish me luck and hit the power button. No smoke, no fire, just the warm feeling of watching your system count ram. Back in business.

The moral of this story. Buying a case at a computer show is a lot like buying a prostitute. Sure, you can go cheap but about 6 months from then you’ll be cursing.

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