Post office + Segway = Not Happy

Theres a phrase that I use quite frequently.

Not Happy.

The verbal expression of disgust, anger, or hatred. Expressing your emotions outloud.


I really wanna know who makes the decisions in this city. Who thinks that Segways are a better idea then finishing the 10 year project that is the Sam Cooper high way extension. It’s not so much that they arn’t finishing it, the fact they started on it, paid for all this work then just let it rott. This is also the city that barely has any public schooling with air conditioning.

For those of you aren’t familar with the Segways, it’s basically the next step in the devolution of our species. I love electronics. I carry at least 3 of them when I leave the safety of my apartment. But fuck, theres a line. WE HAVE LEGS FOR A FUCKING REASON! I CLOSE MY EYES AND I SEE A SEA OF STARBUCKS AND MCDONALDS WITH SEGWAY LINES WRAPPING AROUND THE BUILDING. THEY SLOWLY PULL UP THE GAS, RECEIVE THEIR FOOD AND DRIVE OFF IN THEIR SEGWAY, SWEAT STREAMING DOWN THEIR FACE FROM EFFORT.


God. Overton Park has been under construction for over a year and the postman get fucking Segways. Central Ave is starting to look like New Orleans. And the postmen get Segways.

Going back to bed…

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