God what the fuck

Never before have i seen such technical support for a product i purchased. I’ve asked half a dozen questions in 2 days and he’s answered every one of them within a hour, solving every single problem i’ve ran into.

Imagine if Roadrunner or Bellsouth had tech support like this. Your cable light goes out and you pick up the phone and call some dude. He’s like “oh shit, just try this, that’ll do it” and it works. I actually feel good for buying this software. And yes, i am sober.


After he fixed crackhore.com for the 4th time today, i told him if he’s ever in Memphis that i got a couch and a forty with his name on it.

In other news i finally went grocery shopping. Yesterday i went the entire day on only a bran muffin and had the urge to start drinking. I really wanted to actually eat a meal before drinking. Just then Ian walks in the door carrying 3 boxes of Pizza from work. I eat a few pieces of supreme and i’m hooked up.

Now today i have a new problem. I don’t want to eat pizza anymore and i have 3 pizzas.


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