Weird Mental Image Of The Day

I insantly turn on Star 98 and blare some Classic Rock, which seemed appropiate. I took it to Shelby Farms, got some good pics and drove it back.

Today however i pull up and they lead me to this monster of a vehicle. A 2000 Ford Excursion. This SUV has more space then my apartment and has almost as much electronics. With the 2 cd players, the DVD player in the back and the leather seats, this thing just doesn’t fucking play.


So i take it out to East Memphis to park it in front of one of those super nice houses out there for some good background. The drive on the interstate was all kinds of intresting tho. I pop in Meatloaf – Bat Out Of Hell II, crank that awesome stereo system, another thing my apartment doesn’t have and head east. Nothing better then pulling up to a stoplight and looking down on someone from your lofty point of view and seeing them cower at the Loaf.

I spot a really cool looking house and pull up on the driveway. I was greeted by 2 huge boxers, both looking really unfriendly and barking. Strike one. I start to pull into another driveway but see people in the garage. Strike two. Finally i find a place that doesn’t have anyone outside or vicious guard dogs, snap a few pics and roll out.

Tommorow’s car is the 96′ 300ZX. I’m gonna return it with a roach in the ashtray and a bunch of empty forties in the backseat.

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