"I saw a lot of fire and sparks"


I came home to this.


I went inside, saw the cable was out but luckily i still had power. I thought no big deal, got a new dvd player, Sara brought her dvd collection, i’ll be fine. I got comfortable and relaxed, watching a movie, thinking “i don’t need internet, im not addicted, im not addicted”.

Halfway through the DVD the power goes out.

I see one of the few neighbers i left, since half of my apartment complex has moved out since i moved in, and he informs me that mlgw told him it’s gonna be out for about 30 minutes.


I leave. Get food, come home and eat it in front of the TV. Chad brings me some movies.

I go to bed at 10:30pm.

Day 2
I wake up to a internetless laptop next to me. It’s like waking up to your girlfriend but instead of her being all beautiful and peaceful, she’s all blue and bloated, dead, dead, dead.

I wait for the timewarner guy to come, he never shows up. I run errands and run to point2point with my laptop and digital camera to get a update in. Tonight i’ll go home to my internetless apartment, rock back and forth on the couch and probably go to bed before 11pm again.


Oh well, at least yesterday my ebay car was a 1996 Nissan 300ZX. I was scared shitless to touch this bease of a vehicle. I had just lost my manual transmission virginity a few weeks ago and i was staring at a huge polished green…..hehe car. I drive it out of the parking lot, heading for the park to get a good background. I pull out of Covington pike and drop it into 2nd, then 3rd. Demons beneath the hood roar with anger. I notice the gas light is on. They wanted to make sure i couldn’t get very far.


After i took the pics and brought it back i felt like i needed a cigerette. The transmission was so smooth between gears and the rear wheel drive made that car off the hook. I wish there had been more gas in the tank, hehe.

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