I’ll just have one….

I met sean up at melange for a few drinks. A few expensive drinks. Then when sara joins i had more expensive drinks. I was testing out something sean calls “the sean” which is makers mark and cranberry juice. He said it was born out of not having anything else to mix in the house but it’s really quite good….

So of course, now that i’ve consumed any amount of alcohol, the drinking continues. Sara drives us to The Full Moon Club where Nate was spinning. I walked out on to the balcony and smelled the already burnt pot, sighed and walked back in and got another drink. There i talked to Brad about how we’re gonna get neon green lights under our cars.

Sara leaves to go see Ian and since she was buying my drinks, i leave 30 minutes later. On the walk home i stopped in at Neils since it was a Wednesday and i was definetely in a karoke mood. Since it was 2am and she was closing up i didn’t get to do a song this time…..she said she’ll be up there Friday so i may hit her up then….get there really early and help her carry speakers in so she picks me first, hehe….

So in one day Internet access and alcohol have destroyed my work ethic and sleep schedule. I rolled out of bed at 10:30am, saw the 3 voicemails, called the clients back, told them that I heard the phone ring but i can’t do shift and talk on the cellphone at the same time. That, is of course, webdesigner for “I got fucking light up last night and can barely see and walk, much less answer my phone before noon”.

The workday begins at 1:34pm, greaaaaat…

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