I've cut my Tori intake

I recently made a really good rip of Boys For Pele so that was definetely in effect on the train. Then if i'm drinking at home…alone…Tori is usually playing. Then when I found out my new car's cd player only likes cds of decent quality so i've been stuck playing cd's i actually bought(all like 10 of them). So again, the scratched Boys For Pele comes out.

The problem here is you can't really listen to a lot of Tori without it affecting you. This goes especially true for the car. You can't pull up at stoplights screaming along to Caught A Light Sneeze preparing for karoke everyday. People stare. Just because the new Sam Cooper goes above the ghetto, don't think for a fucking second the ghetto isn't spilling out on to it. You have to have aggressive posture at all stop lights. You need Ohgr. You need KMFDM. You need System Of A Down. Not Tori.

So i'm cutting back. I'm gonna get some good quality cd's, take the Tori out of the car, maybe download some more mp3s and just cut back. Find the Deftones cds trapped under the couch.

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