My Friday

I put on KMFDM – Symbols on the Iriver and had one of the best runs of my life, coming home covered in mud. On the drive back i see Chad pull into my parking lot with 3 forties of Crazy Horse and Miller High Life. I get back, shower, chill with Chad, play numerous games of Horecraft, smoke gawd how many bowls, and then Chad and i go pick up Micaela from work. Chad insists on driving after i drop my keys twice on the way to the car.


Then Sara gets off work and any tiny small plans that required soberiety i had planned for the evening, like eating, are now just a small reminders of what i should be doing. We first go to Melange, probably my favorite bar in memphis.

This is where a really funny mixup happened when Sara bought me a drink and then the waitress brings the drink i ordered right before Sara showed up. I’ll never forget Sara saying “oh it’s okay, it’s just a jack and coke”. 1 drink + 1 drink = staring at girls on dance floor and not able to remember anything else that happened at Melange last night.


Gawd, then somehow, we end up driving downtown to Alferds. I’m not really sure if i like Alferds cuz i’m always coming from somewhere where i’ve already been getting fucked up. So i love everything about it, everytime. The bouncers at the door, the rednecks, and i never seem to remember how much i drank.


Another drive back home i don’t remember, then from the look of my computer i played more warcraft. I sleep until 1pm the next morning with a dead cellphone.

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