hmmm if you were at the full moon club last night for “shane’s techno blowout” you might have noticed a guy in a gray shirt, clutching his backpack on the black leather couch. A look of drunken terror washed over his face, staring at Shea and Shane with their big white afros, trying really hard not to throw up.

what a fun night hahahahasfldhkflkajsf

i think we got there around 10, played several games of pool. Ugh learned a lesson on playing random people in pool in bars. This black girl with a bandanna and bondage pants comes up to Wes and I and asks to play winner. I actually win a game, slamming the 8 ball into the corner pocket.

Wes and i leave, buy and then sneak a 12 pack in the party. All 3 of us consume it within a matter of minutes on the porch. After that it gets blurry. I walked home, drunk out of my skull and fell asleep on the couch with my boots on.

the end

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