i love when the people i encounter through the phone and aim all day ask where i’m at. Some days, like today I tell them i’m still at the apartment. I tell them that no i’m not going to work today. They sigh and usually give some line about how it must nice to be self employed, etc.

Well it isn’t really that great.

Waking up at noon, sitting around all day and talking on aim doesn’t cost me money. I can eat grocery store bought food and im not burning any gas.

So when i go to the office and i don’t have anything to do, i do what i do when i’m at home. I talk on aim. I also get lured into eating out, which is expensive. We also can’t forget that i’m risking life and limb by driving down Vance to get downtown.

So when there isn’t shit to work on, what us webdesigners call a “draught”, it actually costs me more money to try to work instead of sitting at home not doing shit.

Sitting at home = warcraft + aim = 🙂
Getting up from chair and going to work = gas + eating at a resturant + almost getting shot = $

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