Cancel my subscription to the resurrection, send my credentials to the house of detention.

another exciting night in memphis….the activities waiting the bored and tired are truely numerous and fun.

First, we have alcohol. There are several bars that are having specials tonight. Pint night has it’s $2.50 pints…and the gas station always has it’s cheap 40’s. But since i’ve done the alcohol thing every night for oh, the past 2 years… even gets old…

Or i could read a book. New to my bookshelf recently are Dianetics, that weird L Ron Hubbard book. Since i was feeling in weird religion mood after the last knights of the st john book, i also picked up a transated version of the egyptian book of the dead. But i’ve been alone in a office all day..i’d like to actually interact with people over something besides aim…..

Lets see, what else is there possibly to do. Trying desperately to keep from having another 10 hour warcraft binge, then falling asleep at 3am, i shall shower, put clothes on and find something to do.

scoutmastertoad: god running in the park tonight was kinda weird
scoutmastertoad: really dark
scoutmastertoad: me and this homeless dude got into a staring match
FloTekSek: hahahahhaha
scoutmastertoad: need to stop running in th eevening since it gets dark at like 3pm
scoutmastertoad: felt like it was midnight out there
FloTekSek: he is probably on AIM telling someone the same thing
scoutmastertoad: lol
scoutmastertoad: yeah
FloTekSek: “i just knew he was gonna rob me”
scoutmastertoad: yeah haha
scoutmastertoad: i was the one with the knife out
scoutmastertoad: you can i have my iriver when you pull it from dead cold hand
FloTekSek: hahahha
FloTekSek: he was probably thinking the same thing
FloTekSek: “you can have my RIO when you pry it from my dead hand”

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