how to pick up chicks part1

In these series of updates, im going to explain to you llama ass bitches that don’t know how to pick up chicks at a bar. Cuz toad don’t play.

Tonight i was strolling into young ave deli, just as i do every night that im fucking drunk and high. As i was walking in i made eye contact with this beautiful girl in a while shirt. I’m like “okay, i make eye contact with a lot of chicks, lets go drink”. I see her again at the bar. Then she asks that fatal question.

“hey you’re toad right?”

I freeze, scan the brain for any kind of mention of this girl’s face. Nothing comes up. I try to desperately cling to it.

“OMG! i havn’t see you in forever”

“Where do you remember me from?”


*drinks beer*

“umm you know, that place with umm…that guy we know each other from”

It doesn’t work out. I finally get busted out and she says she knows me from this shitty blog of a site. I apoligize for the complete crap this site has turned into, she agrees, we exchange aim names….

I go and buy more beer, come home, sign on aim, unpause the elton john and fall asleep…

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