happy health hour

god, i’m checking my voicemail after sleeping for 14 hours and i have a voicemail. Sara from Origins in the Oak Court Mall had called to tell me that she had drawn my name out of a fish bowl. Origins is kinda of a expensive soap and bath store, i felt really strange the whole time i was there. I got dragged in there with a friend buying a christmas present for her mom. I always drop my card in those things, it’s finally paid off.

I have to listen to the message twice because i think that i won a “happy hour” and i instantly think alcohol. But when i listened to it again she said health after happy. Instead it’s more of a seminar on skin care. She mentions learning about how to care for our individual skin type and i’m on the floor laughing.

She asks me to call her to pick a date when we can set this up.

I intend to.

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