– proof that i like chicks, honest

Last night i was talking to my darling friend Jenn and watching a DVD, normal saturday night. I was bitching to Jenn because i was tired of answering the phone and it being for Ian. Seriously, he has girls calling at 11:30am for him. I can count on one hand how many times ive seen ian up before 11:30.

The phone rings. It’s Jenn. In her cute little LA girl accent she asks if toad is there. I respond. Guess the phone always isn’t for me. Just took a aim window to prove it to me.

Can’t decide if that’s better.

Anyway, we talk for a bit and i hand the phone to ian. After a few minutes ian says “yeah i know he sounds gay on the phone”. Look, i may sound gay, look gay, have pretty gay music tastes but i can gurantee you that at least one of my aim windows is about me and heterosexual sex. Let it go…

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