hush now toady dont you cry

ugh so brandon and i get in the car last night and he grabs a spindal of cds and starts going through them. He picks one out, slides it in and puts the car into reverse.

then that familar sound….bum, bum, bum, bum….the beginning of the wall…..i had already listened to that cd twice that day, also even broke out the dark side right before i left work…as you can see in my previous post….

after much drinking and talking about how if you’re gonna fuck a girl that your friend had dated, you gotta get a spoon or a spatula and scoop out all of your friend that’s left up inside of her. I started making a scooping motion, demonstrating how you really gotta get way up in there to get it all out.

ugh meeting time…time to finish my huge bottle of evian and go

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