everyone is drinking except you

all day long i saw people walking out of stores with beer, people drinking beer at resturants, passing liquor stores with smiling happy people, all preparing to start the weekend with alcohol.

i however, am not. it’s only been 48 hours and when i drive by a exxon i have this little voice that says “mmm doesn’t beer sound good?”. Something about the lights and the colors, i dunno.

The worst is driving by bars that you frequent. You recognize cars in the parking lot, you remember all the wonderfully intoxicated nights there.

I went to a bar tonight and i was okay, i ordered a “coke”, drank it while eating and was perfectly okay. Ate my meal, paid my tab and there was nothing more to it. I don’t need alcohol to have fun.

There are plenty of other things i need to have fun.

Well it’s fucking 4:30am because for some reason, i’m not tired. Go figure. The couch never looked so good….

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