sleep and food is for the weak….

ugh…7 days on wagon and bam….just chilling on the back of the wagon, talking to myself about how i don’t need alcohol to have fun, then bam….

tanya was telling me i wasn’t going to be able to only have 2-3 beers and leave. fucking bitch was right. ugh…mad drunk……..worst part is the other toad is smiling and saying…ya know toad…it’s only 4am..a little bitch might quit drinking now but you dont play…you can just stay up drinking….sleep and food is for the weak….

i was just getting back to eating food and sleeping during the night and had to go fuck it all up. gotta be up, sober, shaven and ready to work in 4 hours…..4 hours….think of all the living i could do in those 4 hours im going to waste in my bed, laying on my stomach, thinking about girls and dreading work….

they love us for the kingston souuuuuunddddd

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