Bush: U.S. May Act on Iraq Without U.N. (washingtonpost.com)

our president is going to get us all fucking killed.

i’m not a pessimist..i just read the news…..i mean is anyone else just the tiny bit scared about this whole situation? Sure, we’ll invade iraq in a few weeks, have to garrison the entire fucking country, probably take massive casualities for some weapons we think might be there.

we know the oil is there tho *wink*

it’s so transparent it’s laughable. Lets add this all together…our oil stock owning president…wants to invade a country with…surprise… a lot of oil…..that…wait, his father tried to invade a decade earlier? Okay, i think i get it.

It bothers me that my tax money is going to kill people. I don’t want to kill anyone, i’m a nice guy. I’m convinced terrorists arn’t out to kill people like me. But when those nukes launch from north korea and the coat hanger and duct tape missle defense seystem misses, it’s good bye seattle….

I think ive been listening to too much system of a down but i’m really getting kinda nervous about this whole war thing. The “with us or against us” thing is what starts world wars. Are you ready to go through another world war?

*keeps screaming but is muffled out by the volume of Friends*

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