last night ruled, today sucks

hmm i awake at 10pm…the usual time….last night i went to darlene’s birthday party at Jim’s Place…the nicest resturant in probably all of memphis…..if you’ve been there then start building the mental image now.

toad and ian roll up in the usual fashion, we sit down, start drinking again, our hangovers go away and replaced by something so much more terrible. toad and ian telling stories at a resturant where every meal is over $20. Lets see, small summary of some of the terrible shit we were saying. The whole time we were there, ian kept referring to me as his “life partner” instead of his roommate and i asked our waiter several times for a order of hot wings.

Jim’s place does not serve hot wings.

We leave, thankfully not getting kicked out….we head to darlene’s house for a few drinks…..i head over to sek’s, have a beer, then i get a call on my cell phone from a client.

Usually clients only call at 8 in goddamn morning but it’s now 11 so this is obviously a social call. He tells me he’s going up to a bar on highland with a few girls and me, never missing a chance to hangout with a client in a social setting, i roll directly on over.

I walk in, obviously not my kind of bar, i make the best of it by pouring myself a rum and coke from my own stash that i brought with me and look for Shawn. I sit down, he buys me a beer and i start conversing with his friends. Being really luded, drunk and tired, i sit down at a table with 2 girls already sitting there. Shawn buys me a shot and i shake my head and say “no way” and randomly turn and offer it to one of the girls. That sparks a conversation, we talk, i honestly can’t remember what about, then all 4 of us leave for another bar.

Suddenly she says “omg, i remember you! you’re andy’s friend!”

Flashback to Tuesday, the “drinking with cops” night, you remember the update. She had waved to me that night, i looked, smiled, waved back and continued to drink and eat pain killers and ignore the situation. I’m not known for my self esteem.

Anyway, it’s the same girl, she recognizes me, i recognize her from the “yeah, crutches turn me on but a wheelchair would really get me hard” comment i made tuesday and can’t stop laughing at the irony.

Wish i had gotten her number…oh well heh

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