and if i die today

Ive been trying to update my blog daily but since im now a nocturnal being, im going to update it right when i wake up? I’m writing this in notepad right now since i can’t hit crackhore since the power is out at the hosting copmany. This kinda sucks cuz i can’t read my last post and figure out where to take up from.

I woke up yesterday morning, quickly coded 3 things that had to be done 3 hours ago, rotted at my computer for god knows how long and then went to a client’s house. I setup his ftp program and Photoshop, get paid, and decide to make a quick u-turn for Busters and the Exxon for a lighter *wink face*. I buy my lighter, a thing of Red Gatoraide, since i planned on vodkaing it last night, and then head to the liquor store. As i walk in, this real country looking black guy asks one of the stocking boys if he has some random kind of alcohol. They walk up to where im standing and the guy asks what sizes they have, he says “oh all of um, even the mason jar”. I look down to the bottom shelf and yup, there it was in, a jar. Georgia corn whiskey. The guy says he doesn’t know about the jar, i reach down and grab one, say “okay i’m sold!” and pay for it.

I later realize at sek’s that corn whiskey does not mix very well at all with Gatoraide. I pour a nice tall glass of Kentucky Tavern instead and proceded to drink. We watched that great special on Cinemax about Prostitutes. I’m pretty sure the highlight of that show was when prostitute starts screaming about if he knew the condom broke. After that she starts screaming “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” and he asks if the cum is coming out. She says no.

I was rolling on the floor at this point. It was like the little peg of humor fit perfectly in it’s place.

After Janna buys us more beer, i think i finished mine and decided to leave. It was a really intresting drive home, with the pink floyd, the pouring rain and the head full of dank. I arrived home, unhurt and sat up till around 7am reading Warriors Of God, a history of the 3rd Crusade. Not a bad day….

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