The Liberty Toad

Had to jump several fences, climb under a few but we made it. Sitting on the 50 yard line of probably one of the most famous stadiums in the South. Andy George, my partner in crime both cracked a beer in the center of the field on the 50 yard line and started calling people on our respective cell phones, asking if they could guess where we were. Most responded with “i'll see you when i get out of jail”.

Anyway, we stumble around the locker rooms, take a few more pics and jump the several fences to get back out. We had a narrow escape when a police car shown a light at us but all and all it was a jail free night.

We went back to the Glass Onion to find Sly, the bartender that said there was no way we were going to find it. I show him a handfull of grass that i put in my pocket as proof and ordered my drink.

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