ummm hi!

As much as i love pot, i definetely need to refrain from getting high before social events.

Last night a huge group of us went downtown for drinks. I was standing at the first club, beer in hand, next to the dance floor watching the beauty which god has created.

There were these 2 really really hot girls, taller then all the others, dancing against each other. These girls were so good looking and tall that 2 other members of my group commented on them, i agreeing with them every time.

I have a really bad habit of staring. Staring may not be the correct word. Lusting, yeah, lusting is a lot better. Anyway, i had been “staring” at the one tall girl with short brown hair with red stripes for about 20 minutes when i lose sight of her.

About 10 minutes later i feel someone tap my shoulder. I turn around expecting Wes or Sek or anyone except the the tall cute girl. She asks the one question which always strikes fear in my heart, “hey do you remember me?!” My brain, paralyzed in confusion, returns a “ummm” and she starts to laugh. I laugh nervously, trying desperately to remember any girl that looked anything like her.

She tells me her name and that she’s wearing a whig. It all makes sense, sorta. I don’t even ask about the whig, tell her I totally didn’t recognize her at all, and nervously try to keep a tiny bit of small talk. She walks off, everyone in the group gives me a “Why was the really hot girl we were all talking about just talking to you?”

Another moment of last night which is worthy of documenting, based on it’s lolness. We’re stumbling back to the car from the last bar to the parking garage. We get to our floor, stumbling up the steps with a bunch of stumbling black women who are laughing almost as loud as me.

The best way to describe it is like walking into a rap video shoot. Theres a huge stream of cars throughout the parking garage, representing almost every stereotype of memphis you can thnk of. I start laughing when I smell all the pot in the air, combined with the bass from everyone’s speakers.

I scramble for my NWA cd, it takes god knows how long to get out of the parking lot and i honestly don’t remember the drive so i can’t really comment on it.

FYI, crackhore sticker placed at 152 and Hardrock. Operation Saturation underway.

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