can’t stop the updates

i don’t care anymore, it’s all going on the site. tonight my friend, we’ll call him kenneth, was telling me about how cops pull pranks on each other. he dosed the seats of some fellow officers with water. imagine some pissed off memphis cops pulling you over, pulling their wet boxer shorts out of their ass, while writing you a ticket.

kenneth is more hardcore then anyone.

on my way home, im taking backstreets, avoiding going to jail. i get out of my car on my new street and see a police car. i’ve been drinking around cops all night, so now all cops are my friend. wearing the hacker hat, laptop bag slung over shoulder, i scream “HEY AHSLDKFHALKHDFLKAHDF”.

blue lights come on. they ask me “if they can help me”. I tell them i had them mixed up with some cops that usually patrol my streets and that im sorry. the blue lights go off, they drive off, i update my site.

everyone wins.

except you.

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