don’t tell my dad about this

i met with my stock broker today. i wore a pair of brown pants, a faded Hardrock San Diego shirt, a white collared shirt unbuttoned, my cheesey metal spiked bracelet and my Hacker hat. My stock broker is a personal friend of my dad so this is really funny to me.

we go over my stocks, showing me which ones are making money, how much i’ll be worth if i live to 45 years of age(which i laughed and asked how much i’d hae if i died at 25).

he asks me what ive been working on lately. i tell him ive been spending a lot of time on a personal project. he asks what it is. i tell him i better not tell him. then finally i just said screw it, grabbed the keyboard and brought up my familar green and orange happiness.

i explain to him the site, what it’s about, how he should never go back to it after this one time im showing him, etc and we continue to talk about the stock market.

after that i went to Lowes hardware store for a light switch nob. this turns into “imma buy some pvc pipe to make curtains” for this weekend’s home improvement project. I find one of the dudes who works there, i comment on how the lady that he was helping before wouldn’t shutup. He says that’s not the half of it but that it’s okay cuz everyday the beer goes in the truck and the truck and then the beer goes in him.

i dunno what it is about these people i randomly keep meeting in hardware stores… least he didn’t tell me about jesus….

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