san diego day 0-1

we’re going to san diego to visit valerie’s sister for her wedding. i’ll go, i havn’t been to san diego in a few years, sounds great.

my mom drives valerie and i to the airport. my mom doesn’t know that i have a 40 poured in my water bottle and can’t tell why im so friendly and nice.

we eat a expensive meal at the little rock airport and go thru security at little rock. they look thru my backpack, confiscate a lighter and a bottle opener, which i totally could have taken over a plane with, yet he doesn’t even mention or even give me the satisfactation of being surprised when he sees the Hacker hat, the american flag and the bath towel i have folded up with the lighter.

im disappointed in the lack of not happiness

a brief flight and we arrive in dallas. while in dallas we realize we’re on a plane with a dozen marine recruits. val and i watch cnn and the death and hell that bush has created in iraq and valerie starts to mention how she opposes the war, wonders what would happen if someone else had been elected, etc.

i try to silence her, since getting my unpatriotic ass beat by a bunch of marines doesn’t sound like a good beginning to my vacation. we board the plane and sit next the most annoying hispanic girl who refuses to stop flirting with the poor marines that are just on a plane ride to a body bag.

i read almost 200 pages of Disco Bloodbath 2000 and we land. valerie and i have put so many miles on our bodies in the last 3 days that it should be a war crime. after the drive to natchaz chase park, the drive to little rock and the drive home, i am sick of moving.

the long ass trip from dallas to san diego is mostly disco bloodbath for me, my girlfriend bored as fuck and we land. we are both so travel worn at this point that it’s not even able updatable.

the groom picks us up, he asks me what i do, i try to explain that i “make websites”, he tells me i need i need to broaden my horizons, i agree. we get to their VERY nice house, equipted with a very cool dog, a hot tub and a fully stocked bar.

valerie and i share a glass of wine with her sister, who is probably the leetest person i’ve ever met hacker/security wise, then she goes to bed. val wants to know if i want a seagrams and coke. fine. then a sierra nevada to go with the unisom.

infants don’t sleep this well.

i had dreams about fighting nightmares along side michael aligh. i somehow roll out of bed, kinda jet lagged, waking up at 10 and it being very lagged.

we wake up and head to get alcohol. we go to the local rite aide, which sells liquor. i have a 10 minute discussion with the rite aide clerk about how leet it is that their rite aide sells liquor. she asks me if our rite aides are called “lite aides”. i say nope, looks the same as the rite aides i go to almost everyday to restock on beer.

after she stares at my id, then asks a manager to inspect my id, i get my 30 pack of coors light and tequlila and hobble out to the jeep that her sister generously(stupidly?) let me borrow.

we head to the beach and drink coors out of my backpack using crackhore koozies to hide the fact that we’re drinking illegally on the beach. i love the beach, i take pictures of a seagull.

we get back and suddenly valerie’s sister’s groom’s friends come over.

i am now uncomfortable.

my lovely girlfriend feeds me drugs and beer, i lose a game of pool to the pre-groom and i retreat to my computer. nothing like uploading my ego to make sure it’s not gone if i die.

it’s weird hanging out with a bunch of people you don’t know that would probably like you if you could talk to them one on one.

just now, while im updating, i see the soon to be groom walking outside. i scream “oh my god, he’s carrying a dead cat!”. valerie: don’t screw with these people, their marines.

it’s weird hanging out with ex marines.

i don’t want to die.

okay, back to the party, think ive gotten enough update done to feel okay again.

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