san diego day 2-3

im sitting here on her sister’s couch, drinking coors and watching unsolved mysteries whil the wedding shower occurs next door.

i am so glad im not there.

i can hear the cackling and laughing of women in full bridal enjoyment.

i need more beer.

ive met so many different people and have been introduced as valerie’s fiance which i said “not yet” with a smile. i feel really sorry for her sister since valerie is the only blood relative that came to the wedding. i feel even more sorry since she brought her drug abusing alcoholic boyfriend along with her.

drug abusing alcoholic boyfriend does not equal family.

ive felt pretty akward, rolling into their house and just chilling on the couch drinking cheap domestic beer but they havn’t said they hate me yet.

it’s really nice out here, so nice that it’s depressing. that’s always been a very annoying personality trait, when i get somewhere nice i slowly get depressed because it’s so much nicer then the hell mouth i live in now.

if you live outside of memphis and make websites, please hire me

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