A public service to all of Crackhore’s white readers

I found it odd , last week while talking to Toad, that by virture of him being white, that there were certain theories..ideas…urban myths, that he was unaware of.
So in the spirit of racial harmony, I will explain.

A once popular theory in the culture of my people, is that church”s fried chicken, is in fact a fully owned front of the KKK.
No..really…i heard this one several times from various sources in my youth.
The story goes that the Klan, is slowly poisoning black people, shorting our life spans over the course of generations….no camps…no ovens..sorry Sek…we just slowly fade away.


O.K…this one is real, but it’s not the KKK, they are just pawns of the Department of Defense….what?…like the liquer store, church, pawn shop, gun store bit was’nt working well enough eh?

MYTH-This one was first told to me by my sixth grade bully, but have heard it later and independantly.
TROOP, Troop was a line of shoes, very popular back in the mid eighties.
This was it was revealed that Troop stood for Taking Rights Of Other People.
Yup…once again..the Klan.

…This one is…mostly..somewhat…true…LOL

O.k…this is one I never heard, but learned of it from a cook, at a resturant I worked at.
In fact every black cook you meet thinks this..be warned.
Andy George’s sister, was told this by children at her school.

White people smell like bologna.
Yes, it’s true…and more widely believed than one would think.

…o.k…all jokes aside…No that is not true, but i will admit, that just as everyone has a scent, to me..white people, do have a scent a very, very, faint one…it’s not foul, and it does not smell like ..cold cuts., just as asians have a scent to me…in fact everyone who is not black, seems to have a particular scent of their own.
I am sure black people smell like cheese to some of you.

White guys are crazy about blowjobs.-source…numerous.

This one is a no brainer, it is true….i like blowjobs…..love um…but to hear a white guy speak of it….it’s better than fucking.
We love them…you need them to live.
Tough break white ladies.
According to alot of black people, mostly older ones.
Not an absolute…just a slight leaning.

White people love mayo.-sources…numerous

Like blowjobs…you just seem, to go for the mayo more than we do..just a wee bit.
Not an absolute…just a slight leaning.

White Guys are dying to eat pussy.

The Truth
aren’t we all…….with some clear exceptions.
Not an absolute….just a slight leaning.

These are but a few, and are fairly old, I will update..as i continue to uncover more.

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