A Public Service to all of Crackhore’s white reader’s part three


This image is exciting to some, but the true fact is there is a reason Micheal Knight is white….because a black man would never be allowed to drive that fast.
The cops would wonder.”What’s that boy running from?….oh well let’s lynch um, Jethro.”

Case in point is the matter of Mr. Sek..last night.
Sek comes by and explains that he was pulled over for speeding..well nothing shocking there?…you say..well read on.
Sek for one thing was caught speeding by a police van of all things…..he was ticketed..insulted but allowed to leave.
This would not have happend to a black man….what?…you doubt this…then read these details, and honestly say I am wrong.

1…Sek was driving at a speed of 160 miles per hour..in a fourty five mph zone…yet, he was not charged with reckless driving.

2. He was in a race with another driver..and was traveling so fast that he did not even see the cop VAN as he flew past it.

3. He even went so far as to laugh and make light of it to the officer who finally pulled him over after he realized he was being pursued.

4. They did not search his car……if they had…bad news.

5. He confessed to the cops, in conversation.

6. They did not run his record..he is a repeat offender.

7. Once the ticket was wriiten they knocked it down to only 8 miles over the limit.

8. He was not carring his DL…they identified him by credit car.

9. He used profanity while talking to them…..if you are black, this is a death sentance.

This is just what i could see after a casual glance of the facts….Let’s be real here..and to Sek..congrats…wish i could do it too.

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