fragile minds….

last night before i went to sleep, i remembered that valerie wanted to see Shaun of the Dead this weekend. Just a small mental note, no planning, no contemplating, just remembered.

I fall asleep and bam, i am trapped in a zombie nightmare. Now i have zombie dreams/nightmares pretty often, not really often enough since i really enjoy them. My dreams usually flow for the entire night, or at least until my brain starts building plot holes that wake me up. That always tripped me out, that i wake up when my creativity loses steam.

anyway, it’s kinda fucking with me that i have some mental trigger, if i even think about zombies, bam, zombie nightmare. I’ve had them all, zombies attacking schools, on airplanes, in a huge rotted out city (like last night) and there are always hot girls running with me.

If zombies ever attack me, will i die in peace knowing i was with angelina jolie, etc?

i really need to start thinking up real content for this site.

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