living la vida freelance

god, i am so about to be working at Subway if shit continues the way it does. I do some website work for my project manager, roughly 5 months ago. $600, not a lot of money but still will buy lots of wine, drugs and rent.

I call him a few weeks ago, ask about the check. He says the client hasn’t paid him yet, thats why he hasn’t got me a check, but he’ll pay me by Friday regardless. That was last Friday. It’s not thursday, no check has come.

Heather our secretary calls up and goes off on them. I call them and ask them wtf is going on. He says that if i want to do work with him, that he doesn’t want to do invoicing with Heather anymore, since she had a attitude with him. I like attitudes with people who owe me money.

He says he has a check at his office for me and i can swing by and pick it up. So after wasting a hour of my day, god knows how much gas, risking the fact that my mustang could probably explode at any second, just to pick up money that he owes me. The check is also dated for today, which means they didn’t even write a check until i told them i was coming by.

Ever heard of the fucking post office? They got these little trucks and will deliever invoices for REAL cheap.

I need to get a job.

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