last debate

wow last night’s debate was my favorite by far. i’m not too concerned about terrorism since i live in a place that is so unimportant that they probably couldn’t even spare the resources for a single car bomb.

but being completely broke, overdrawn in bank account and bills going on the Visa card, kinda makes me wonder what Bush and Kerry’s plans for the economy are.

i only watched about half the debates last night since after the first 30 mins it all starts to kinda blur together in my head. But i did manage to catch the part where Bush told me and all the other unemployed people that we need to go to community college since our jobs have been outsourced to India.

He didn’t seem to mention how exactly im going to pay for that, since, well, i’m unemployed, but i’m sure that’s a detail that a oil tycoon can easily overlook. I’d love for him to say that to some out of work assembly line dude with 3 kids and a morgage. “oh i’ll just go back to school”

so sick of this country. if bush gets another 4 years then im selling all my wordly possesions and moving to mexico. you guys have fun with your terror alerts and drug laws. bbl

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