ain’t nuthing to go down on

oXMEPHXo: would you go down on jesus if he returns ?
scoutMASTERtoad: if he looked like you?


this is

this is my terrible site. it costs me money every month. i sell shirts, yet send them off a month late. sorry cam.

i like sleeping pills

more then life, more then you, more then me.

sexy bluez.

everyone hates me right now. as they should.

i am going to eat you.

omgwtfswede: you need help
scoutMASTERtoad: oh

god this site sucks. i mean seriously.

i have other sites. but they suck too. the worst part is i have other sites, and they suck worse. but crackhore sucks 2x more then all of the other oral sites.

i hate that it’s not even midnight and all my aim windows are k lining me.

i hate that im going to wake up on the floor, with this window still open. if you make websites for a living and you are reading this, stop. no keep reading, stop making websites.

make sandwiches.

watched a history channel episode about the guy who faked sailing around the world.

he got halfway there, started faking logs, then jumped off the boat and killed himself. they said he fragged himself since he felt so bad faking that he did something he didn’t do. they showed bbc videos of him going more and more insane before the video just stops.

even tho i was owned as shit and watching this, i still felt like he had one up on me. at least he was lying about a great story that he didn’t do. but at least he wasn’t making this shit up while still on solid land.

as the tapes wore on, he went more and more crazy, suffering from a severe lack of aim/internet, he was singing about being a drunken pirate.

i wish to hell he would have saved the video of him jumping off the boat and closing the window.

he just bailed, over the rail, goodbye cruel world, it’s over, sail on by.

this should have a moral

donald crowhurst pwned by sailing

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