i will be a homeland securit consultant.

Yup, tommorow is doomsday.

I hope you’re all ready to die.

cuz i am.

going to cast my vote and wait for the mushroom clouds.

maybe it’s the beer talking but i welcome the unknown.

im voting democrat since i’m kind of against the war we are waging.

i want people to vote republican cuz i am ready to see the cities in fire, looting, mass anarchy, panic, death, killing and riotting.

i havn’t gotten to do that in my generation. i want to be a war monger. i want to invade more countries but i just can’t seem to get pissed at people who don’t really hate me.

going to end this here and finish tommorow since tommorow things are going to be so much more intresting then they are now.

if we still have a internet(s).

even if we do still have internet(s), and bush gets re-elected, im not doing websites for a living anymore.

i will be a homeland securit consultant.

this is going to be a good little marketing tool. can fear get people to vote for someone? maybe i read 1984 too many times but i want to get in on the ground level.

i’m going to go to businesses and corporations and “consult” on matters of “homeland security”. i mean, it can’t be any harder then network security and i can probably do that unless some goddamn fucker in india takes that job too.

but white people don’t trust them anymore thanks to 9/11. they should have crashed those planes into indian call centers to really fuck with our economy.

but anyway

so tommorow, if kerry gets elected, and if cheney is right, and the terrorists are going to attack when kerry gets elected, call crackhore.com

thank you for calling crackhore homeland security, we help the helpless.

wes, gun and angel are on our way to save u.

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