A personal message to all of Crackhore’s Liberal readers

Well it’s november 3rd and while we do not have a President yet, things are looking grim….but before we move on to that lets clear the air about a few things.

It is not over yet, but in case of John Kerry not being our next President, i clearly and sincerly ask that we as the party and philosophy of reason and Justice, conduct ourselves in a manner that demonstraits our dignity, and our desire to have a united America..once more.

It is the beauty of the democratic process that we disagree, that in fact not only must we all learn to tolerate other world views but must defend even those individuals rights of speech and expression that we find disturbing and in some case sick.

I ugre Kerry to fight, to use every legal option to determine that the man to take the oath in Jan, deserves to.

We cannot fight intolerance with intolerance, nor can we or should we sacrifice our most treasured value…our steadfast belief in the right of all Americans to live in a Nation that does not simply pay lip service to our constitution…but fights endlessly to insure equal protection for all Americans.

It seems so clear…the choice between a man who dodged vietnam, vs a man who went and served.
A choice between a false conservative who does not care about controlling spending, and a senator, who hoped to return balanced budgets.
A choice between a president who led a War in iraq, with little clarity on various details that would have to led to post war success, vs a man who wants to remove the American face from this occupation, and create a more complete battle plan on the War on terror.
A man who politicized devisive issues that pit straits vs homosexuals, Whites vs latinos, to say nothing on Stem cell research or abortion….vs a man of science and ideas that could bring us closer as a nation.

It seems cleary to you or me…but many do not see it that way…

We have to keep that in mind in the comming days..as we move foward, for today is Nov 3rd..the first day of Election 06.

Alot of people are already starting to deny Kerry, already trying to blame this possible loss on him.

Here’s where i make you mad.
John kerry did not fail us….we knew who bush was, and what we knew we did not like. what we knew…we failed John Kerry.
We did not do enough, even those of us who voted, SOME of us who took a role in the local drives…did not do enough, but for all your hard work…..I want to say thank you, to everyone who stood up and fought for what’s right and important..everyone of you.
You at least had the courage and conviction to stand up….that is Patriotism.
I heard alot of folk taking the talk..but if we had shown up in full force we would have taken this State, and this country…no recount….no lawyers.

I personally could have done more……..and for that I am ashamed.

So where do we go from here?

Glad you asked…..We get up and start anew, the system knows that sometimes the voters make mistakes, that’s why we have elections every two, four and six years.
That being said, we simply must roll up oursleves and get back on the task of taking this country back from, intolerance, taking this country back from the fear, Taking this country back and giving it back to the middle class.
We still have a goal, and ours is as President Kennedy put it, a Long Twilight Struggle…we wanted to win the battle tonight, but if this battle is won or lost, the struggle must endure.
I am asking those of you how did stand up, to remain on the field, i am asking those of you who did not stand to stand now….let me tell you a story.

I am old enough to recall the 92 election, and I recall how bad the economy was, there was a lot of fear and doubt among everyone in my high school…what jobs were going to be out there for us?
How were we going to pay for college?
What were we going to do……and then a little known Governor from Arkansas, spoke to us about a little town called Hope.
That was the first time i really felt like we were headed towards better times, like something was changing, in this country, and i liked it.

Now alot of progress was made in the 90’s, but we did not do enough, we got lazy, and apathertic, and allowed a host of disturbing steps back to occur, these past four years.

I say we can change that again, I say we can make it all right again.

You know we have all heard alot about morals, and Values, as if Liberals do not have any, it’s a cheap shot and untrue…let’s talk about values.

Liberals were on the vanguard of the labor movement, ending child labor, establishing such conventions as the forty hour work week, as well as overtime….conservatives at the time claimed the Goverment should not be involved in such matters.

Liberals fought for the FDA and the fact that you can read about the ingrediants in your food, on the labels.

Liberals championed Women’s suffrage and the Civil rights movement.

Liberals have tirelessly fought to promote religious freedom and tolerance, as well as perserve the seperation of church and state.

Liberals also have time and time again fought for the rights of the individual, and tried to protect American citizens, from govermental abuse.


Liberals will redouble our efforts, we will continue to go out and fight for our values.

Not wanting corporations to steal the retirement money of hard working people…is MORAL.

Not wanting a Patriot act that opens law abiding americans, to unconstitutional harassment is MORAL.

Believing that it is wrong to discriminate against americans, because they are gay…Iis MORAL.

Believing that Abortion is between a woman, her Doctor, and her God, Is a VALUE.

Believing that War should always be a last resort and not a first choice, is MORAL.

All of you, hold up your head, for history will record our ideals as the way to America’s future.

I am going to work, I am going to get involved, we all must accept responsibillty for the direction in which our nation is traveling…this is our country…our cities, our homes, and communities..our schools.

So the real question is..who’s in for the long haul?

Night all

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