so i was in jail all last night and most of today.

long story.

anyway, i learned a really important lesson about wandering around cordova while drunk.

around 3am i went for a walk after drinking 3 forties. i ended up in the woods, walking near this creekbed. it’s like 15 degrees outside but for some reason this isn’t bothering me. maybe the beer.

so i walk probably 20 miles into the woods and realize that i have no idea where i am, which direction i’ve been going in for the last 2 hours. i finally come across a fence. i figure, a fence is a good sign, i can use this to navigate back to the road, which i can use to get home.

i walk around the fence, wondering where the fuck i’ve ended up. then the familar sight of flashing blue lights. now when your drunk and you see lights, the best advice is to run. wait, thats not the best advice. thats the worst advice.

so after a lengthy chase through the woods, ala The Fugitive, but drunk, the cops get their man. me….

handcuffed, walked thru the woods, trying to explain to them that “i’m not a criminal, i make websites”. this isn’t a valid reason to be in the woods in the middle of the night. i think some more. “im looking for my dog, she got out a few mintues ago, i know she’s around here somewhere”. they take pity on me and my imaginary lost dog and drop me off at my house. i am distraught about my imaginary dog. they take pity on me.

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